Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fixed Gear 101: Tips for beginners

Enough for the background information of Fixed Gear and you finally get one of them Fixies.
I decided to gather some helpful tips, advices and guides for fixed gear beginners.

For Beginners, these are the most important tips
1. If this is your first fixed gear and you are very new to fixed gear. The first tips of fixed gear for beginners is USE A FRONT BRAKE. This is for emergency since you won' be able to skid stop your very first time on fixed gear. I know it is not cool to have a brake but it would be better ... trust me.

2. Use Toe Clips is the second tips of fixed gear for beginners. Riding fixed gear takes time for beginners to get use to. If you are riding fast or zooming down hills, you want to be clipped. You don't want your feet to slip off the pedals. It can be a scary experience for fixed gear beginners when they can't get their feet back on the pedals.

3. Be aware of the surrounding. This is also an important tips for fixed gear beginners. As a beginner, when you are on a fixed gear you have to be extra reactive to your surrounding.  Because, for beginners, you won't be able to have a full control over your fixed gear. You can't react as fast as you think you could. So, ... read the road ahead.

4. Find your flow. This is the last tips of fixed gear for beginners. For beginners, you want to be very comfortable riding on fixed gear. It is important for beginners to find a nice fixed gear riding rhythm. Distribute power evenly so you don't get tired of riding fixed gear. You can't stop pedaling on fixed gear so you need to make it as comfortable for yourself.

I hope this fixed gear for beginners tips will help beginners like you ..


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