Friday, April 15, 2011

Fixed Gear for Beginners: Safety Measure

Fixed Gear for Beginners
Part 1: Safety Measures

Fixed Gear for Beginners: 1.1
Always wear a helmet. Many beginners think that wearing a helmet is not cool. Some of my fixed gear buddy never wears a helmet. Some of my fixed gear buddy's live was saved by wearing helmets. For fixed gear beginners: "Wear a helmet, but don't use it"

Fixed Gear for Beginners: 1.2
If you have enough fixed gear shop to choose from, find a fixed gear shop where they are knowledgeable about fixed gears and beginners. If you are not a mechanic, then have a mechanic check your fixed gear out.

Fixed Gear for Beginners: 1.3
Make sure that the rear hub has been made as back-pedal-safe as possible. On a fixed gear hub, a strong steel lockring is a must. fixed gear for beginners. 

Make sure that your fixed gear chain is strong, because your fixed gear chain is essential to both your drive-train and your ability to stop. There are strong track fixed gear chains by Izumi and HKK, and strong BMX chains by KMC. Your fixed chain isn't the place to skimp on dollars or save weight. Don't make a beginner move. 

As a fixed gear beginner, you must warm up or stretch before you ride fixed gear.


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