Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why have fixed gear bikes become so popular?

Fixed Gear for Beginner: Getting to know Fixed Gear

The Subculture Factor

People love subcultures, especially when its protagonists are perceived as cool. Nobody doubts that the use of skateboards spread rapidly not only because kids loved to ride a table with wheels, but also because they wanted to ressemble a bunch of really cool Californian teenagers who did it.

Light, Clean Look and Endless Customization

Long, long gone are the times when biking meant bulky bicycles with tons of accessories. As these vehicles get more integrated to everyday lives, people are looking for simple models that just get the job done. Additionally, we live in times when frugal living and simpleness have become desirable values for some segments. 
So the simple and clean look of fixies fits right in in these two aspirations. They're as clean as it gets for bikes, with just light frames, no gears and thin tires. Bingo.

You can surely modify and customize almost any bike, but there is a whole culture of customizing fixed gear bikes that has surely added to the growth of the trend.

The Trend

Finally, let's just say it: Fixed Gear bikes are so hot right now because they're in fashion, and some people are always looking for the next big thing.
But as we know, some trends come and go in a minute, and others find a way to stick around and create a whole industry around them. are temporary, others come to stay.
Will the Fixed Gear stay? What do you think?

by Paula Alvarado, Buenos Aires

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